Welcome to the UNNATI way

Bridging Indo-Swedish Innovators for strategic business development to address global challenges


Innovation happens when people meet. But that is not enough. We believe that a well-curated format and a bond of mutual trust is key to untap the potential of our network. The UNNATI way enable you to:

  • Define a core challenge; Focusing resources key to drive innovation
  • Combine external competences; Someone else has your next idea
  • Access key stakeholder; Attention is the new hard currency
  • Scale up globally; Frugal innovation needed to impact mass markets

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The UNNATI way is based on user-case driven open innovation. This include market oriented testbeds of innovative technologies and disruptive business models. 

Are you an entrepreneur or researcher looking to scale up your solution?

Read more about our ongoing open innovation challenges and how to apply.

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Innovations’ Acceleration

The India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator focuses on innovation-based collaborations on renewable energy and energy efficiency, between India and Sweden.

India Sweden Business Day

Theme Sustainable Development & Innovation, 12th of November 2018


Indo-Swedish Joint Network Grant

Supporting new or existing Indo-Swedish collaborative groups that in the longer perspective may develop into long-term collaborations.

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